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Tucked away on Calle Elvira, one of Granada’s most iconic streets, Perspectives is a friendly creative café with sustainability and positive change at its heart.

Offering a range of specialty coffee blends and fair food including brunch options, cakes and lunches to cater all dietary requirements.

The artsy vibe and decor make perspectives a perfect place to sit back and relax.

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We work with local suppliers and 95% of our food is organic and grown locally.


We have a passion for hospitality. For the connections it creates. For its ability to challenge status quo and open new perspectives.
Hospitality is about experiences, that’s why everyone walking inside our cafe is stepping into our house, a place to relax and take some time off the daily hassle.

Because our offering it’s all about honesty, we’re listing below all the pillars that make Perspectives what it is:

  • Palm oil is banned from our establishment.
  • We only use Specialty coffee, with an 84+ SCA score and roasting date no older than 3 weeks. We work with Spanish roasters Ineffable Coffee & Puchero.
  • Our milk is steamed to be served at drinking temperature (65-70° C). It’s a standard. However, since we’re nice people, if you ask we can make it extra hot or cold, as you wish.
  • We also recommend not using any sweetener in your coffee although we do have brown sugar, agave syrup, chai syrup, honey, panela and sacarina on request.
  • All cakes and desserts are homemade in our kitchen and so are our savoury dishes. We categorically DON’T buy anything from other providers and re-sell as “artesanal”
  • Sourdough bread means 100% sourdough, forget about weird mixes with yeast! The bread comes daily from a local traditional baker up in the Albaycin.
  • Milk is as fresh as it gets and it’s supplied by local Coop. Los Pastoreros.
  • There’s only one type of Olive Oil in our Café. That’s extra virgin, aka AOVE, which we  source from local coop & producer, IznaOliva.
  • The eggs we use are free-range and organically sourced from a local farm and brought to us thanks to Huevos Garrido.
  • We respect diversity and see it as a way to progress in society so whatever your dietary requirement is, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate even if it’s not on our menu… as long as we have the ingredients!
  • We see art as a way to connect with feelings and to see things differently by escaping static patterns of living. Our artworks are the free expression of the artist that has produced them and are meant to be thought-provoking.
  • All our take-away cups, straws, lids, etc. are made using CPLA or other biodegradable and fully compostable materials.
  • Our energy supply is 100% clean and made of renewable sources. Powered by Gana Energia