ART. John Killeen Exhibition

granada art cafe

This month’s exhibition showcases the work of John Killeen, a travelling artist from the US.

With education and training as an architect, engineer, and builder, John’s work focuses on capturing the beauty and life of historic architecture.

Whilst marveling at the craftsmanship and wonder of historic buildings John travels and lives in the historic cities he depicts – connecting with locals and their way of life. Slowly soaking in the culture, observing and drawing the architectural beauty there-within.

This journey has led him through Spain, Italy & Morocco, and the US over the last two years.

Original works of his wonderings are displayed on our walls and are all available for purchase.

A catalog of all of John’s works can be found on his website here:


Phone: +34 695 28 80 77
Instagram: j.a.killeen

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