COMIDA. ¡Sin gluten no significa sin sabor!

Gluten free dishes should be as tasty as gluten packed food. FACT!

Then why is it so difficult to get good “alternatives” to gluten?

One of us here at Perspectives is gluten intolerant so over the years we’ve had to do a thorough labour of researching alternatives without compromising on the flavours and overall taste.


We are super demanding when it comes to this task: it’s not enough to just replace a like-fo-like ingredient. Each dish has its own story and our goal is to make it taste not just as good, but even better then its gluten-packed original.

Everywhere we went in Granada, restaurateurs seemed to underestimate this principle.We were never satisfied with what we could find in Granada’s eating out scene. So when we opened our own place we set the benchmark high firstly with ourselves but also as a commitment to our guests.

Here some of the measures we take in order to provide the best on par gluten-free experience we can:

  • All our cakes, desserts & cookies are elaborated with gluten-free flours. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
  • Each GF flour combination has been tested for different baked goods: it’s not the same making cookies or brownies, sponge or madeleines so we had to test hundreds of combinations in order to get it right! The result was so delicious that we have removed all gluten flours from our baking recipes.
  • We use an artesanal gluten-free bread elaborated with rice flour sourdough from Leon the Baker so all our “tostadas” can be made gluten-free.
  • Another super important step is to understand cross-contamination and limit it when possible. In a small establishment like ours it’s nearly impossible to guarantee a completely gluten-free environment unless you’re a fully gluten-free establishment. There are measures that can help avoiding cross-contamination: using a separate storage and production area as well as a different toaster for gluten-free bread. All our Coeliac or intolerant regulars never had any problem with our food and they keep coming back!
  • Making sure products that are not supposed to have gluten in the first place have the gluten-free stamp. Might seem absurd but most times gluten traces can be found in the most unthinkable products: dairy, oats and even spreads & jams.

With such a diverse food offering we strive to provide the best gluten-free experience in Granada.

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